Letters to Europe

23rd June – Letters to Europe – a Project for the 48%

Co-ordinated by  EU-Flags-at-the-Proms-Team

We want to send a message of Peace, Love and Unity to our European Friends on the Anniversary of the EU Referendum.  This project is about making our voices heard in Europe and creating friendship ties to bridge the divide that Brexit threatens to drive between us.

Who Are We?

The EU-Flags-at-the-Proms-Team is returning to deliver this project on the Anniversary of the EU Referendum. Find Out More About Us

What’s the Project All About?

Our aim is to hand deliver deliver letters addresed to our European Friends, to make a symbolic show of our opposition to Brexit on the anniversary of the EU Referendum. The letters, written by Remainers and addressed to an ‘European friend’ will be distributed to members of the public in Brussels on 23rd June.

Each letter will include a a postcard with a message of friendship and solidarity to the EU and an EU Peace Dove Badge. Letters will be addressed ‘to a European friend’ and they will distributed by Remain campaigners to members of the public in Brussels.

The project is being Crowdfunded and the more money we raise the more letters can be distributed as a gesture of friendship to our European allies. If we raise enough money we will be able to hire a red bus to take the letters over and raise the profile of the campaign and achieve greater media coverage for the Remain campaign.

How to Support the Project

Support the project by donating to the crowdfunder. The more you can donate to the project, the greater the impact will be. If we raise enough money we will be able to travel to Brussels in a red bus and raise the profile of the project to gain greater media coverage for the Remain campaign. We also encourage people to write a postcard or help translating postcards into different languages, please join the facebook group to find out more about how to help https://www.facebook.com/groups/Letters2Europe/

How to Participate in the Project

Anyone can help by writing a letter or helping translate letters. Please join the Facebook group to find out how to help morehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/Letters2Europe/

However, it will be greatly appreciated if you are able to make a donation to the crowdfunder to contribute to the project and the costs of hand-delivering the letters. Thank you!

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