Letters to Europe

 Letters to Europe – a Project for the 48%

Letters to Europe was launched on 23rd June 2017 (one year after Britain’s EU Referendum). After a year of campaigning against the Brexit vote in the UK, we want to take our message of pro-European unity to the heart of Europe…

Co-ordinated by Madeleina Kay A.K.A #EUsupergirl and the team behind the EU Flags at the Proms

What’s the Project All About?

We want to send a message of Solidarity to our European Friends.  This project is about making our voices heard in Europe and creating friendship ties to bridge the divide that Brexit threatens to drive between us.

Over the last 6 months we have collected hand written letters at anti-Brexit protests across the UK, from Newcastle to Brighton. Combined with digital submissions from online Remain campaigners, we have 1000 letters addressed to our European Friends. Our aim is to hand deliver these letters in Europe at Christmas as a gesture of Peace and Unity at Christmas time.

Each letter will include a postcard with the “Reasons to Remain” poster design and a personal message of friendship, along with an EU Peace Dove Badge. Letters are addressed to an anonymous ‘European friend’ and they will distributed by EU Super Girl and her team of Remain campaigners to members of the public at various locations in Brussels from 7th-10th December.

Recipients of the Letters will be invited to write a Christmas card in exchange for their letter.  These will be addressed ‘to a British Friend’ and distributed to Remain campaigners in the UK at the protest outside Parliament on 11th December.

Our aim is to send a positive message to our European friends at Christmas and achieve media coverage for the Remain campaign.

How to Participate in the Project

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